Thursday, 22 September 2016

Beth: Shooting stars

The other day, Lily gave me a flame shirt, which I gave to Jeff later that evening. He'll be happy to find out it was from Lily ;)

 I saw a notice saying it was Bubbles' birthday, but I didn't bother stopping to see her! She's not one of my favourite villagers, so I let it go without thinking that much about it.

 I finally got a silver can from Leif. Next for the golden axe!

 In the evening, I noticed a meteor shower was taking place!

I invited Jeff over to watch the shooting stars with me. I love how in sync we are in this photo! know me well already.

 He gave me the Good Shopper badge, which I'm not surprised about! I deserve one in real life, too.

Thanks for reading, see you soon! Oh, and if you're confused about our schedule, here it is:

Squishy will be posting on Monday's and Wednesday's.
I will be posting on Tuesday's and Thursday's.
We will alternate Saturday's and Sunday's each week (so one week I will post Saturday and Squishy will post Sunday, the next week will be swapped around).

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