Friday, 9 September 2016

Beth: Beautiful Bunny!

On Wednesday, I saw a lost book near my campsite. After the time it took finding the owner for the one in Forest, I decided to leave it there.
 Lily asked me to build a caution sign in Acorn. Sorry Lily, but no thanks.

 A little later, Chevre asked me to deliver a Chow. Who was literally standing right behind her!

 In Retail, I picked up my sloppy bed - probably from last week. Anyway, it has my strawberry stripe design on it and I like it! However, I am considering changing it to gingham sometime in the future.

 At home, my bed now matches my wallpaper - at least for now!

 Yesterday, I went on around 8pm to find a thunderstorm in Acorn. Thunderstorms might be my absolute favourite weather in Animal Crossing!

 My villagers were enjoying the weather just as much as I did!

 While I was wandering town, I noticed my first camper in a while - Kid Cat! I would have been tempted to let him move in, but my town is full now.

 I updated my dream town, and found Chrissy from Happy has dreamed about Acorn recently. Thanks, Chrissy!

 Last night, I visited Jeff's town. I went down to his basement for the first time!

 Today, I noticed a house plot in my apple orchard! Bonbon was actually in my campsite not so long ago, but I couldn't let her move in as I was full. I'm so happy she decided to move here herself :)

 I made sure to visit Club LOL before 8pm today. I met Shrunk in there for the first time.

 My first emotion is flourish!

 After seeing a beautiful post on Pinterest I've decided to  make my house all white if I can! So I bought this mailbox today.

 I've noticed fossils at the museum are no longer really being accepted and all given back to me - because my fossil section is nearly complete! I have 5 left to find.

 I visited a random dream town after updating my own today. It was nothing special, but I did notice the mayor had the same catchphrase as my brother :P

Thanks for reading, congrats if you got this far and finished reading this long post!

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