Saturday, 17 September 2016

Beth: Autumn Moon 2016

 The other day, I met my newest villager. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't know anyone with a town named she must have come through StreetPass!

I saw the notice for the Autumn Moon, which was yesterday.

 Yesterday, I headed to the plaza to get my veggie basket from Isabelle!

 I stopped by the standee to take a quick photo.

 While wandering around, I saw another notice, which told me we had two events in a row!

 In my house, I had a look at my veggie basket. I won't keep it out, but maybe I'll use it for kitchen decoration in the future. 

 I headed up to the HH Showcase for the first time!

As I haven't attended the Autumn Moon event for a while, I ended up Googling it. A Wiki told me I have different event items from other parts of the Jeff & I made sure to visit each other yesterday evening.

 As Jeff is in NA, Isabelle gave me a wheat bundle. Thanks for letting me come over, Jeff.

 Today, I made sure to take part in the Bug Off.

 I tested out my new slingshot, which Jeff dropped over last night. He had a spare silver, so he gave me that one. Thanks, Jeff!

 I caught a walking leaf, which this morning held the first-place record. However, I'm not sure if I won in the end!

 I went to get my fourth emotion from Shrunk, and accidentally gave him 8 bamboo shoots. He kept them for later, but still told me a crappy joke.

 I found a rare item in Retail!

 I customized an alpine lamp in gingham for my house.

I saw my new, more white house. Now it's just the door that needs re-doing really!

In the end, I didn't see the moon in ACNL or in real life. But I did tonight in real life, and it was so orange and beautiful! Thanks for reading.

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