Thursday, 8 September 2016

Squishy: Perfect Town!

Last Sunday I found another four leaf clover. I have a beautiful town how am I getting these?

Groucho wanted to move out the following Friday. I don't like him that much so I let him go.

But then he changed his mind. Why do you do this to me?


...also maybe

On the bright side I found out the Groucho is Ike from Fire Emblem.

Today in town I noticed that the grass and trees changed colour. I love this shade of green.

Avery said that I haven't seen him in a while. That's true. I haven't played since the 4th September because of school.

While walking around town I saw a Jacobs Ladder!

So I went straight to the town hall to make sure that I wasn't being pranked. I actually got a perfect town without trying.

So I got the ability to remodel my town hall and got the option to add a flower clock. So I'm demolishing one of my fountains while I remodel the town hall (I'm leaving which one I chose a surprise :P)

Lastly Groucho pinged me to buy my Silver nugget for 3,600 bells. Yeah right.

There might be a change of pace on the blog since school has started. You can get notified about my updates by following me on Twitter.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next time.

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