Thursday, 1 September 2016

Beth: Coffee K.K.

 Yesterday, I exited my house to (almost) fall into a pitfall. If I didn't know better, I would have thought Jeff had planted this :P

 I surprisingly dug up two time capsules today - one for Chevre and one for Filbert.

 While I was around Chevre, she asked me to move out. I didn't let her as she hasn't been in Acorn long!

 Today, Francine spoke about Squishy!

 I saw my friend Jodie in real life today, so I headed over there on local connection and met Rosie.

 I left Jode a little message on her notice board :)

 I found out Olivia moved into Crossing via StreetPass! She's now moved to Acorn from Taured and to Crossing from Acorn all through local connection.

  While shopping, I noticed something really interesting - the font used for T&T Emporium is the same as the cover logo for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! It's not something I would usually notice (and I obviously haven't until now), but I have used the font before (Fink Heavy) and I picked up on it this time.

Fun fact: I made the subscribe button for the end of JVGS Jeff's videos :)

I was lucky enough to have some money with me and be able to pick up some of my favourite furniture series in the game - the sweets set!

 I went up to the museum to see Jodie's very pretty storage rooms.

 I considered going into Able's, and I'm glad I chose to as I found this perfectly matches my dress!

Jodie and I each bought coffee. Notice her dress? We match! You can find both of our dresses and a version in blue on Jeff's QR code page here.

 Jodie time travelled to Saturday so we could watch K.K. perform together.

 I requested an obviously fake song for us as Jodie has never heard the song K.K. makes up when you request something that doesn't exist.

 Back in Acorn, I bought a painting.

Thanks for reading. It's been a nice day seeing my friend!

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