Sunday, 25 September 2016

Beth: With Egg

Yesterday, I went to see Shrunk, who taught me the cold chill emotion.

 Lily asked me to deliver something to Bonbon that she’d borrowed. Bonbon gave me a star projector as a reward, which is something I might actually keep!

Today, I caught a flea that had seemed too interested in Lily! I don't know why she tries to stay clean - don't frogs belong in filthy ponds?

I caught another couple of bugs around town to donate to the museum.

 While wandering (and cleaning Acorn) I noticed Bonbon and Sheldon getting pretty close!

Sheldon then pinged me for a new catchphrase. I had no idea, so I eventually used “with egg”. It's random, but could turn out to be a funny choice. 

I went to Club LOL to hear another of Shrunk’s jokes. He joked about having human allergies while teaching me the sneezing emotion. Sometimes, I think I do too.

 I then headed back to my house to see my newest remodel, the beige door.

I sold some perfect apples and paid off my home loan! The basement is my next expansion.

Thanks for reading! See you soon, maybe with another HHD entry. I've been playing it more recently!

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