Saturday, 24 September 2016

Squishy: Why villagers? Why?

The other day I got a letter from O'Hare saying that he moved out of town. It wasn't a surprise since I haven't been playing everyday but its still annoying.

The last Bug Off of 2016 came and went. It will be the Fishing Tourney for the next couple of months (Yay!)

Flurry pinged me and asked me what I thought she was thinking. I guessed baby chicks. I was right!

That's a gross thought

It was 7:59pm and I remembered to get a joke from Shrunk so I ran to Club LOL. Sadly I didn't make it. At least I got to hear him break the fourth wall a bit.

I found a famous mushroom. I'll save it for when no one expects it.

Today in town I got the second most annoying house placement (first place goes to Bunnie). Are you serious? These free roaming villagers really made me miss the way houses were placed in the older games (with the little sign posts).

I saw two fish right next to each other and felt like taking a photo (yeah I'm weird).

Avery requested a new PWP. A zen streetlight. Those streetlights look a bit weird but a suggestion is a suggestion.

I spotted Rocket in Main Street. Its nice to see the place getting lively.

I went to Club LOL (on time) and Shrunk taught me Disagreement. That joke is actually kind of funny.

While giving some money to the gyroid at Town Hall I only needed 10,000 bells. Since I haven't been smuggling in a while (and I was too lazy to do it) I made money by other means like the Dream Suite.

First I removed the Birthday Hat. I love that hat but it doesn't feel right wearing it after my birthday.

After selling some stuff I made enough to pay it off. You'll see which one I chose next time.

Thank you for reading and we have a new schedule it will be;
Squishy - Monday and Wednesday
Beth - Tuesday and Thursday
We will alternate between Saturday and Sunday!
So I'll see you all Monday1

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