Sunday, 20 November 2016

Beth: Forest Wall

 Yesterday, I moved my cake and flowers over to the kitchen island. I'm so glad you can finally do this in NL now!

  I played too late for the fishing tourney, but I saw that Sally won! Well done Sally :)

 Sheldon asked to move out, but I didn't let him. If I can, I'm considering having a town full of squirrels one day.

 I finally got the forest wall for my basement - it's coming together now! I like that I have an outside effect wall on a room with no windows.

 Chevre adopted my nickname! It's probably one of the best generated ones in the game, to be honest.

 Last night, I decided to start moving white flowers to surround my house. I'll probably start to decorate town more now.

 Lily briefly came over today! I don't mind villagers coming over when they don't set a time.

I moved my HHD & Isabelle 3DS's to my minimalist dresser, with the normal Wii U and 3DS behind my couch.

I visited Shrunk for another emotion! Slowly getting there.

I've also found a lost item, so that will be in the next post when I've found the owner! Thanks for reading!

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