Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Squishy: Desert Island Escape

Yesterday Wendell's painting came in the mail. Too bad I can't hang it on the wall though.

I'm getting tyred of all these boring items on display in the campground.

At least a new face(?) showed up. Blanca the cat.

I really like the cabana set in this design so I bought some and plan on collecting the entire series.

The fishing tourney is this Saturday. I still have yet to play it.

Blaire has now left Cosmic (and some dirt).

I fell for my own prank.

I enjoyed making that Christmas jumper the other day so I made some more.

This hit me on a personal level. Thanks a lot Blanca.

I returned to the campground to check out their items. Some of them are just plain rubbish.

I devoted the rest of today to Desert Island Escape. Three Villagers are stuck on an Island and have a limited amount of time to escape.

My first team was Pietro, Avery and Kid Cat.

I managed to win it. The only thing wrong is how over powered some of the tool and villager combos are. Kid Cat with a fishing is ridiculous.

I like how the villagers switch on the title screen and my town flag is a nice touch.

I wanted more of a challenge so my next team was Iggly, Marshal and Bunnie.

I also won that round. This is a fun little mode that I'll get addicted to fast.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next time.

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