Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Beth: Halloween

 Yesterday, I headed on to take part in the Halloween celebrations. But before I could stop and think to what was happening, Lily approached me! I find it kind of annoying villagers talk to you with no option...they don't just ping you like I think would be a little better.

 I did some online research to jog my memory, and then continued in game.

 It was a little difficult with only 4 masks that I'd managed to collect over the course of the month, but I managed to scare a few just fine! I also found out how cool Filbert's house is.

 In the end, I gathered around 3 pieces of furniture before coming off the game for the night. That does mean I'm missing out on the creepy set now, but I'm not too bothered. It's not one of my favourite sets or anything.

Today marks the first of November! I briefly played, cleaning town and collecting mushrooms. I actually forgot about the mushrooms that spawn in November, so this is definitely going to help develop my town sooner!

Thanks for reading.

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