Saturday, 19 November 2016

Squishy: November Fishing Tourney

On Thursday Joan was at the campground and it made me realise.
Luckily I made a small profit (I wanted to sell them before I forget again). I think I'm done with turnips for now.


A swinging bench was for sale at the campground. Making fun of it might be getting old but shouldn't this be a PWP instead?

I got my fortune told by Katrina

I only noticed this now but when you use fertiliser on a dead perfect tree it becomes a normal fruit tree. It kind of stinks but it would have been too over powered.

Here are what my princess and sweets rooms look like. My other rooms are still in development.

 Today at Super T&T I got the remaining Nintendog that I needed.

I paid of my right room

I wet to see what would happen if I tried to put a giant item up for sale at ReTail. It doesn't let you but you can get them customised.

Cyrus even mentions how big it is and even replaces the item with a sign.

Today is the Fishing Tourney which means that Chip gets fed for once.

I gave him some fish and ended up in second place.

I shopped playing for a while but I played again to see the ceremony. I guess I'm not second place anymore.

At least I'm better of than Jeremiah who is stuck behind Groucho.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

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