Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Beth: Murdered by Puzzle League

 Yesterday, I received a carpet for completing a few levels of puzzle league! I probably won't keep it forever, but it's okay for now.

 I also saw a notice for the Harvest Festival! I don't personally celebrate Thanksgiving, but I'm looking forward to it :)

Later in the day, Squishy briefly came over to pick up a spare in game 3DS I had.

 RIP me too :P

 I completed an initiative and finally bought a new pavement for outside my house!

 While I was on Main Street, I headed up to the Happy Home Showcase. While I was there, Digby told me visitors can now explore my HHS too!

 I headed up to Sally's house for a scheduled visit at 5. I also bought her iron frame because it really didn't fit into her house.

 I closed my DS for around an hour, but when I finally left Sally still told me I was going home quickly! I noticed this on the island too, even if I've stayed there overnight, Leilani still seems shocked when you head home.

 I picked up a stool I had customised to match my house from Cyrus.

I also headed to the island tonight to do some diving and pick up some flowers for Acorn!

Thanks for reading :)

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