Saturday, 5 November 2016

Squishy: Exploring the Update

I downloaded the update the minute it came out but I couldn't blog about it so the last five day consist mainly of exploring the update. So lets get started.
I met Isabelle on the train where she started explaining the main part of the update. The new Campground! We continued the conversation in front of the Town Hall.

Goodbye old TPC

She then explained the new currency used at the campground. MEOW coupons. This is cool but now there are four types of currency used in the game.

She gave me 10 to start of with. Purrfect.

Nintendo sent me a furniture item of the manual for the game. It just takes you to the digital manual found on the HOME screen.

The entrance to the campground looks cool but its too close to my house.

In the campground I met Harvey, the hippie dog. Nintendo must really like have dogs as special characters.

I went into my first RV and inside was a slightly more relaxed Pave.

If you can't stand the Festival event (like most people) you can buy the Pave set in her RV with MEOW coupons.

When you honk the horn the camper will react.

 Another thing the update added is Initiatives. They are little tasks you can do to earn MEOW coupons. Two change daily and two change weekly.

You can collect you coupons from this machine in front of the Town Hall.

Since its November you can find mushrooms and mush furniture. Not part of the update but I thought I'd let you know.

I finally had the face cutout board ceremony.

One of the questions you can ask Harvey is "Do you have Wi-Fi?" This is the world we live in...

I went to the Dream Suite to change my dream address. I don't really like the addition of numbers but I'll get used to it.

But what I won't get used to is the fact that all the old dream towns are GONE. That includes some popular towns that people took years to make. The least Nintendo could have done was warn us in advance.

On a happier note you can exchange MEOW coupons for bells. I wish it was the same for medals on the Island.

Uhhh. There's a bird on your head.

Next I linked my copy of Happy Home Designer to New Leaf.

I evn got the Nook Homes model as a thank you from Lottie.

This allows you to get the huge items that you unlock from King Nook's monthly challenges. Like this fat Resetti.

I also messed about with the new camera mode.


Groucho wanted to give me a new nickname So I chose "Squiiiish". Blame Harvey.

Random but you can sit on rocks now which makes them a little less annoying. Pietro didn't seem to get the memo though.

While fishing I dealt with the cruellest pitfall placement ever.

I made my face cutout board to be Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.

When Harvey is standing up you can sit in his little chair.

I got a PWP suggestion from Blaire.

I changed my path back to normal (at least until Christmas).

The lights look different in front of the HHA Showcase.

This doesn't look very comfy... or realistic.

 When you press A on the Fire Pit when its litt you do... what ever this is.

On Thursday I managed to find Wisp the spirit.

 Well I found his lamp and had to rub it at home.

This is a description of my life in one text box.

I finally met Wisp in the (lack of) flesh.

He said that he couldn't stay out of the lamp long without possessing the body of someone from an amiibo card.

Sadly I don't own an NFC reader or a New Nintendo 3DS so Wisp is kind of useless for the time being.

Here is my Rosalina cutout during the day.

My second camper was Booker. He seems more confident when camping.

Avery suggested another PWP for me.

I had a one hit kill moment with one of my flowers. I'm so careless.

I heard that some people lost their dream count during the update but luckily I didn't. I don't know what's going on but I'm not complaining.

Iggly wanted some fruit so I gave him a perfect orange. He enjoyed it.

I went to the Island to play some minigames. You can sit on Island rocks too.

I finally decided to build the Reset Centre. I surrounded it with trees in a hexagon shape to make it look nicer.

Blaire wanted to change her catchphrase. I tried so hard to avoid using this one but I couldn't think of anything better.

I went to ReTail to see how much the manual could be sold for. its not worth it.

I also went bug catching in the Island and made 152,000 bells.

I put it towards my mortgage and was 5,ooo bells short.

Kid Cat wanted to act like a super spy. But you are one. He just wanted to play hide and seek.

I had to find him, Pietro and Avery. I love how we move slightly left a bit because Redd's tent was in the way.

Pietro hid near his house (not very well)

Avery hid behind a perfect orange tree close by.

And Kid Cat hid behind Avery's house. Some super spy you are.

 When your in the RV if you press A in between the two seats you can find out what song is playing.

Gee, I wonder which one is real?

Yesterday I paid off my loan and chose the new storage system.

Avery has been buying illegal paintings again. I bought it and accidently sold it at Retail.

Zipper T -Creepy- Bunny was my third camper.

I find some of his furniture unsettling.

Groucho requested another PWP. I'm getting a lot lately.

Blaire said she wanted to move on the 14th of this month. That's ages away but I'm letting her go. I need some new faces in town.

I bought an item at the campground and checked if it could be customised. It can so look out for what can be remade.

And today's special visitor was Joan with the weirdest words of wisdom possible.

I storage system was finished. I probably still run out of space knowing me.

Its kind of weird how they use the Japanese word for ATM instead of the English version.

Lottie also came to show me the ways of the Happy Home Designer. I picked up on it quick.

Marshal requested another PWP. I gotten a PWP request everyday since the update. Weird.

And on a cooler note you can now place objects that take up two spots onto a table.

I heard that there are also new fortune cookie items. I have a reason to spend my Play coins again.

Thank you reading this looooong blog entry. Have a great weekend and enjoy the update.

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