Thursday, 3 November 2016

Beth: A Brand New Acorn!

As you may know, it was a massive day yesterday for New Leaf. While most of us only expected some info about the update, we got the entire thing! Squishy and I will be posting all about it over the weekend - but for now I'll be telling you a little about the update in this post.

We start by re-entering the town as we did at the start of the game. But instead of with Rover, we meet Isabelle!

 Isabelle then takes us to the town hall to show us one of the new features - the CAT machine! 

 The CAT machine gives you MEOW coupons for when you complete certain tasks.

 With these MEOW coupons, you'll be able to purchase things from the brand new campsite! More on that in a sec.

 A small new feature I noticed is an in game instruction manual. I haven't looked through it yet, but I probably will sometime.

 Isabelle had also pointed out one of the biggest new features, a brand new, off-map campsite!

 Up the ramp, we find a little set up site with a bonfire, logs, RV's (or campervan's for us English!) and a little shop in a shed!

 Harvey is the high hippie dog that looks after this place! 

 He owns a little shop in the corner of the site which features furniture you can only buy with MEOW coupons.

 The RV in the back belongs to a special character, which I believe changes each day. My first visitor was Pave!

 I like how you can sit in the RV, and that the music plays on the vans stereo.

 You can obtain items through the RV's that would be hard to obtain otherwise - along with some brand new ones!

I stayed in the site for a while to watch Harvey. I love how he feeds the birds! It's a really cute touch.

 I headed up to the dream suite to get my new address. I'll mention it more in the full discussion, but this is kind of annoying.

Random note: You can now sit on rocks!

Thanks for reading. I'll see you next time with our discussion!

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