Sunday, 13 November 2016

Beth: Welcoming Amiibo to Forest

 The other day, I bumped into Rizzo the mouse. I don't particularly like him, but he was a starter in my very first NL it's kind of nostalgic to have him around.

 Acorn must have a mouse attraction going on or something, because Penelope turned up in my campsite on the same day! I didn't invite her to move in...mice aren't really my favourite villagers. One is enough, eek eek.

Blanca the cat arrived in my Campground, and wondered why I hadn't thrown a welcome party for her. Well, take a look at yourself, kitty. I think I prefer her without a face :P

 Over the past few days, I've been scanning my Amiibo cards. I have mostly special characters, so I've mainly been collecting their pictures.

 I also came across Wendell in the campground!

 It's interesting to note that rare sets will now be available through RVs - it should be a lot easier now to pick them up!

 On Friday night, I headed to Jeff's town for Friday Night Forest!

 Jeff had Isabelle in his Campground - and she had the basket chair in her RV. I didn't have enough coupons to buy it, but I hopefully will come across it again. It's one of my favourite additions from HHD.

 Booker was the other camper, who had mainly campsite themed furniture in his RV.

 After hanging out at the campsite for a while, we headed to the town hall to see Wisp. Apparently, when you scan an Amiibo figure, Wisp will replace their NPC.

 Before we left for the night, Merka, Mike, Jeff and I headed to his frog-themed room. While Merka was away from her DS, Mike mentioned how nice a port of NL for GC would be. We all made heart emotions, which must have looked weird for Merka when she came back :P

Overall, it was a really fun night. Also, the Campground made for a lovely spot to relax and chat. I think most of our evening was spent sitting around the campfire there. Even without net glitching (or visiting the island), we had a lovely couple of hours. Thanks for having me, Jeff!

 By the time I headed home, it was almost 6am my time. I love how the sky looks at this time of morning - with the stars just fading and a slight mist hanging over town.

 After getting some sleep, I headed back on ACNL. Chevre asked me if she could move - but I didn't let her. Although my brother despised her, I really like her :P

 I saw a notice for snow flurries this winter! I do like the snow, but it gets kind of boring after a while. I'm looking forward to the igloo, though.

 I also saw a new house plot. It's not in the best place, but at least it's a squirrel!

 Before finishing for the day, I finally paid off another home loan.

Today, I met Acorn's new resident. The fact I now have 3 random move-in squirrels (and my town is called Acorn) is tempting me to use Amiibo to get a town full of squirrels.

 I headed up to the Campground, and saw a ramen cup. I'm going to end up with a house full of weeb trash food at this rate :P

 My RV for today was Gulliver. I wasn't interested in any of his furniture, but it's weird seeing him without his hat. 

 Jeff gave me some beans he got from Harvey last night, so I fed the birds in the Campground today. :)

 Shrunk taught me the most relatable emotion - sleepiness! Note: I have half of the 'jokes' in my joke book now.

  I started donations for the museum renovation today. I didn't want it, but apparently you can't get The Roost without the second floor.

I saw my expansion today as a ghost. I'm collecting the mush furniture throughout November, so hopefully at the end of the month I'll be able to design this as a nicer room.

Thanks for reading! See you on Tuesday.

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