Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Squishy: Social Squishy

On Sunday Saharah came to visit the campground.

A fish doesn't like fresh air?

I went to Shrunk to learn a new emotion. I'm now halfway through them.

I got the fossil boss initiative today but out of the four fossils that I found they were ones that were already in the museum. This is a flaw that hopefully doesn't affect too many of them.

Flurry wanted a new nickname so I made her say what's shakin' since a Flurry is similar to a milkshake.

On Monday Nat was my campground visitor.

Iggly wanted me to bring Marshal to his house. This doesn't happen often so I did it.

Flurry was sitting on one of my tree stumps. Cute!

I got a camper in the campsite today. Roscoe the horse. I had no interest in letting him live in Cosmic.

Jeremiah smelt a Ruby from my pocket. But you don't have a nose.

I went to Tom Nook about my secret storeroom.

Of course you do...

I love not having to feed Shrunk my precious fruit.

I saw Phineas at the café having a cup of coffee.

I stopped playing for a while but I returned to play in Robert's town of Darkwood. Sophie and Martha were also there.

I sold some perfect oranges for some bells.

We then went to the Island to play some games.

With the fruit money I paid off the reset centre.

I'll have to be careful since in the European verson of the game if you reset 50 times your save is deleted.

Phineas left the Roost to give me a badge. Sweet!

He was replaced by Digby. Who said some interesting things.

I also upgraded my house to have a left room. It finished yesterday. Some people don't like the look of an uneven house but I think its cool.

Resetti came to thank me for building the reset centre. Your welcome.

He also said that the centre is off limits. We'll see...

Pascal was my next campgroundee. He looks so weird without his hat.

So THAT is what you do with them.

I also demolished the bridge near the waterfall. I tried to find another place for it but failed. So I'm sticking to only two.

I finally got one of the new fortune cookie items. I would rather a Wii U or 3DS but a Labrador will do.

My Premier item at Retail was perfect apples so I invited Beth over to sell.

What a cruel fossil placement!

Avery wanted a new greeting so I made him say simple.

Today in town I got to witness Harvey feeding the birds. Its so adorable.

I wanted a duck but it was too expensive :(

I got my first repeat camper. This is the point where I don't mention every single camper.

Groucho wanted my ruby for 2,400 bells. If you want it you have to get it at ReTail.

Thank you!

I put a pitfall seed behind my cutout board. Who shall be my first victim?

I caught Pietro and Marshal in a conversation. Pietro wanted to entertain his fans while playing hockey? Okay...

You don't need sports to be an entertainer. Your a clown.

I found a rare mushroom while fossil hunting. My town isn't currently perfect so this is random.

I did manage to get a duck. I shall name you turnip.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon.

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