Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Beth: Interior Design

 Yesterday, my basket chair arrived! Jeff had scanned Isabelle's Amiibo in so I could order it. Thanks, Jeff!

 Today, I had Wendell for the second or third time. I'm going to stop mentioning duplicate campers, but I'd just like to say I wonder how many NPC's can turn up at the campsite? There are many I can think of that haven't turned up yet! If they haven't included more than the few I've seen so far (maybe events characters or one's that aren't in town all the time), I'll be a little annoyed.

 After visiting Wendell, I fed the birds with Harvey for the first time.

 I found a lost item while wandering around town. I wouldn't usually bother picking it up, but I had enough time today.

 Luckily, it was only the second animal I spoke to who accepted the item!

 I ran another errand, delivering a parcel from Shep to Sally.

 I scanned Isabelle in, who gave me her picture. I've kept it in my house for now.

 Overall, I'm really liking my house at the moment. It still has a lot of things to add and change, but it's cute for a temporary room!

Thanks for reading, see you Thursday!

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