Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Beth: Welcoming Amiibo!

 The past few days have been focusing on getting to grips with the Welcome Amiibo update! I started with the new camera - which can be pretty funny :P

 In game, I've been slowly collecting the mush furniture! I have to say, I actually like this set.

I visited the new Campground at night, which means the campfire is lit up. I love the little details in the update.

 I met Joan in the RV, and bought the zen tea set from her.

 I came across Wisp while wandering around town.

 I also did some random tasks, such as purchasing a painting that happened to be real but I already had.

 I've finally had the chance to use up my fortune cookies! The new update also offers mini-games only available from fortune cookies.

I had another camper in town, but this time in the tent.

A few things I ordered from the campsite arrived - in a cute letter!

Early Saturday morning, Jeff came over to test out some of the glitches now patched in ACNL (such as the net glitch). We did find a couple that still work, though!

Later in the day, my friend Megan came over to collect signatures for Tangy!

I've been trying to complete as many initiatives as I can, earning some MEOW coupons.

I've also been heading to Shrunk when I can, adding more emotions to my joke book.

I used the Amiibo camera again, finding new features all the time!

I also visited my friend Jodie and bought a new sweater in her store.

Today, I went over to Cosmic to sell my perfect apples for premium in her town. Thanks, Squishy!

I finally paid off my home loan and added the secret storeroom. It should be built tomorrow!

I scanned in Leliani today, and she gave me her picture.

I also scanned in my HHD data, meaning I can now purchase giant furniture. Can I order this for 6k in real life?

Thanks for reading this long post!

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