Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Squishy: Goodbye Super T&T

 Yesterday I ordered some of the giant items form the catalogue. One of them being this teacup ride. The music really suits this time of year but can get really annoying.

Tommy told me that they are closing the store for remodelling. Finally!

I will be getting the store on Thanksgiving.

Leif said that he will be closing too.

Shrunk spent a lot of play coins on fortune cookies. I don't blame him since the update added new items.

I was chopping down some trees and got stung by bees. Ouch!

I also started playing Puzzle League.Its where you flip panels to make lines of three or more panels. Its really addictive even if I do stink at it.

Today the two stores under construction.

Groucho gave me some good news. He's moving out of Cosmic!

I really don't like him so I'm happy for a change.

Thank you for reading and for everyone in America Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. For everyone else have a good day.

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