Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beth: Floating Feathers

 Sunday brought Sheldon's birthday, and I made sure to give my little squirrel friend a present. I don't remember what it was, but he must have liked it!

 I headed over to Forest on Sunday evening to pick up some roses and see it again now the snow has melted. Camofrog joined us at the bench, posing as a flower :P

Jeff then came over to Acorn to see it without the snow. He gave me a chocolate cake and he ate a chocolate heart from Valentine's. Thanks, Jeff!

 Yesterday was Festivale - my favourite holiday in NL! If you haven't played this holiday before, you basically run around collecting feathers for a dancing peacock. Yes, really.

I managed to catch a few rainbow feathers, which made Pave the peacock do this :P They also allowed me instant high-value furniture.

 One of my favourite things about Festivale is the pretty confetti falling from the sky, so I made sure to take some photos around town with it!

I also updated my dream town. I'm not sure if the confetti will show up, but it's worth a shot.

I love the confetti at night, too...as well as the little hats the villagers wear :P

 Pave looks glorious at night.

 Today, I loaded up my game to pretty drab weather and lots of left over feathers.

 So I time travelled back to yesterday and started to save and quit until Pave asked for the feathers I had left. I didn't know you could do this until today, so I thought I might as well earn some more furniture!

Thanks for reading - see you Thursday!

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