Sunday, 26 February 2017

Squishy: There's snow more

I started a PWP of a face cut out board in my Earthbound area, which I paid off right away.

Jeremiah gave me some health advice... without even realising it.

Rosie was hanging out with Camofrog at her house. It's nice to see some of my favourite villagers getting along.

My face cutout board was fully built. I just need to work on a nice looking design.

I thought this said Fashion Forward and got excited.

It was Avery's birthday so I tred giving him some bells. Sadly that doesn't work.

Jeremiah started talking about Festivale and how he doesn't want to look weird dancing around. Hop to it froggy.

Since Winter is coming to a close I decided to make the ugliest snowman possible.

Yesterday was the first day without snow in 2017. I actually find the snow kind of ugly so I'm happy with the change of scenery.

Avery said that he was moving on the 4th March. I like Avery but I want to start emptying my garden area so I let him go.

My creepy Snowtyke managed to live to see green grass.

Who will you tell? Your family has melted!

Able Sisters is selling the Festivle outfits now.

Warmer weather also means more summery clothing so I switched out my signature outfit.

Today I played some hide and seek with Iggly, Pietro and Kid Cat. They suck at hiding but it took me ages to find Iggly.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the string colours in your town.

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