Thursday, 9 February 2017

Beth: Pancakes!

 Last night, I headed to Forest to adopt Pashmina from Jeff! You can read about my adventure in Jeff's amazing rhyming blog post here.

 I wanted to go and be Harvey, but I knew what it meant. In fact, I even told Jeff to come and laugh at me falling in the pitfall :P

 Today, some pancakes arrived from Franklin's RV! I put them downstairs along with some other food.

 I also planted some roses from Forest. Only problem is I need to fill the gaps with white and purple roses :P

 I also saw Pashmina's new spot! She chose a pretty plot next to the pond.

 I ventured over to the campsite and saw one of the last igloos of the season. I'll miss these things, even though I'm ready for the green again.

 Inside, I found Al. Does Nintendo even realise he eats his own hands?

It was snowing, so I wandered up to Main Street to take a few photos.

 While I was there, I updated my dream town. Hey look, I'm a 1/4 of the way to 100 :P Thanks, guys.

 Up at the museum, I saw Chai and Chevre. So this is where they've been hiding!

 In Retail, I spotted a rare item. Yay, another sloppy item :)

I headed back up to Main Street to have a fossil identified, and I came across this. Should I have stayed back in town?

Thanks for reading!

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