Thursday, 16 February 2017

Beth: HHD: Sweets & a Princess

 The other day, I decided to create a 'chocolate overload' themed house for Carmen. I put her house in winter, as I hardly ever use it and always go for spring :P

 Her needed items were chocolate and chocolate cake. Sounds like my needs, too!

 I decorated with a sweets wall and floor, some marshmallow chairs and a lot of chocolate themed food.

 At one end, I placed the giant candy house from a previous monthly challenge.

 I also made sure to include the desserts case for any new cafe customers!

 Outside, I focused on using my sweets path and the colourful fairy light covered trees. Tempted to try some treats? Scan the QR above!

 Today, I had a lot of challenges I'd like to do. The first sounded interesting - a whole house about bananas? Does Mr Bananagrabber live there?

 I also liked the look of Dizzy's theme, a playground!

 But the one I liked most was this one - a luxury mix for a luxury goat.

 I decided to place Pashmina's house near the train track so she can travel to the city quickly (for shopping, of course).

 Her theme was centered around gorgeous and rococo furniture, but I did also add some princess.

 I used a real mix with this house, but I didn't want to make it too dark.

To balance it out, I used a couple of light princess items and the princess wall and rug! I think this should be fancy enough for her :P

 In the smaller room, I added a nice retreat for Pashmina. It might not include rococo or gorgeous furniture, but I'd still be happy with it!
Outside, I tried to reflect some of the luxuriousness of the inside. Want to visit this sumptuous mansion? Scan the QR above!

Thanks for reading, I'll be back over the weekend with a NL episode!

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