Thursday, 2 February 2017

Beth: White Rabbits

Before I start, White Rabbits comes from a tradition in my family (and across the world) that we say 'white rabbits' on the first day of every month for luck! I know it's technically the 2nd day, but still. I need the luck at the moment :P

 The other day in Acorn, I paid off my home loan.

 I went straight back to Nook to get another house expansion.

 Yesterday morning, I found my brand new fully expanded basement. I like it already!

 Last night, I had the Northern Lights in Acorn! I really like them and I admit it makes me a little sad that they'll be gone this month.

While I briefly wandered around town, Francine asked me if she could move out. I said no, but maybe next time I'll let her be free :P Run, rabbit, run!

 Bunnie had asked me to deliver a parcel to her, which is why I talked to her in the first place. She gave me a radiator in return.

In the campground, I had Jingle for what I can remember being the first time! I love the new presents you can buy from him.

Back in Acorn, I found Freya in the campsite. I didn't invite her to move in, though.

Today, Bunnie asked me what I enjoy doing. One of the options was going on roller coasters, so I told her I like them. She agreed with me - I can just imagine her little ears on a roller coaster :P

Filbert also had some ideas for fun! Shall we invite Jeff to win take part in the joke-cracking day?

In the campsite today, I found a squirrel. I ended up being tricked into buying a camp stove from her for 3,790 bells, but at least I think it's exclusive?

Thanks for reading!

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