Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Squishy: Joke time's over

Sometime last week (I can't remember at this point) I built a park clock where Mira used to live.

 I finally decided to clean my main room. Here is before...

...and after

I sadly just missed the Fishing Tourney. I love having all these cool villagers, not an ugly one in sight (in my opinion).

There was a notice on the bulletin board about Valentine's Day.

 Flurry wanted me to deliver something to Kid Cat. I wasn't expecting a kitty play date when I went to his house.

Iggly came over to my house. He likes the smell.

It has something to do with the sweets dude. 

He saw my Wii U and said that he wanted one. Who should break it to him and tell him that the Switch comes out in almost two weeks?

My park clock is finished and it looks really nice in this spot.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day so Mom sent me an ugly looking jumper. I wore it for the day.

Isabelle sent me some chocolate cake and Avery sent me the purple roses in the background. I feel so loved!

 I went to the Roost and Iggly was there. He seems to be speaking the truth (while stealing Avery's catchphrase.

I decided to drink some coff- wait a minute?

Yep, Brewster serves hot chocolate on Valentine's Day!

I saw a house plot near Retail that was addressed to Timbra. I don't know who they are.

I estimated that I would finish the joke book by last Thursday. Oviously that didn't happen but at least Shrunk got some chocolate cake out of my procrastination.

 This joke wasn't even a joke. It was the famous Shrunk Funk Shuffle!

Shrunk gave me his spare clothes for becoming a comedian. Speaking of clothes I'm wearing my Grape Striped shirt because my cartridge popped out while it was in my handbag so I had to do everything again.

Goodbye Shrunk! I never have to feed you again!

To celebrate Valentines Day I decided to make a heart out of flowers. If you knew me for a few years you would know that I had a flower heart in my last town (RIP Cosmic, Death by update).

Today in town Chrissy the rabbit was camping. I didn't invite her into Cosmic.

Out came an ugly villager, in came another with Timbra. At least I know which villager to get rid of next.

While speaking to Rosie she told me that Camofrog was looking for some fashion advice. Rosie said she would take him shopping. Uh oh! Shopping with girly people usually takes forever.

It was nice knowing you Camofrog

And Pietro offered to protect me. Awww cute!

I also updated my dream town. Here is my Dream Address if your interested.

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone had a nice (belated) Valentine's Day, whether your single or not.