Sunday, 19 February 2017

Beth: Interior & Exterior Design

The other day I noticed I've missed yet another fishing tourney. I think I've played one, if that :P

 Phineas told me I'm a good helper, which was pleasing! I try to help out my villagers when I can, so it's nice to know I got something in return.

 Yesterday's fossils spread out weird enough to note :P 2 of my fossils ended up like this, and then another 2 ended up exactly the same just along from that.

 I haven't managed to play a lot in the past week, and unfortunately here's what happens when you can't! I lost one of my little squirrels in the process. 

 Another squirrel, Sheldon, asked me to collect signatures for him. I agreed, and then completely forgot later in the day. Sorry, Sheldon!

 Rizzo pinged me while I was cleaning town, and I considered ignoring him :P But he did end up suggesting a new PWP, even if it's one I need in Arrested, not Acorn!

 Yesterday, I briefly visited Chris' town of Sutton to pick up some gold roses! I really like these cute face boards.

 I also saw this cute little cabin. I've seen Sutton on videos before but this was my first time visiting and I love it! If you're looking for a wintry town, visit here: 7C00-000F-7FA7

Back in Acorn, I headed to The Roost to do a bit of work. While I was there, I saw a dog, who seemed to think I was a cat. Or maybe a kitten.

I had the hanging chair I got from Forest redecorated, so it now fits perfectly in my main room!

 I made sure to play in the evening yesterday, as I miss the pretty sunset skies like this one.

 Today, Joan confused me. I was playing an hour later than the on screen time, so I wasn't expecting to bump into Joan! At least she reminded me to change my clock back to the right time :P

 I noticed the trees have lightened again, which means spring is on it's way! I miss the greenery, so I'm actually pretty happy :)

 Up in the campground, I spent some of the few coins I have on this lovely sushi menu!

 Up on Main Street, I saw an interesting sight. Is everything okay, Diva?

 One of my tasks for MEOW coupons was to purchase a new exterior. I wouldn't normally complete this one, but I'm thinking of changing to a cabin!

 Another of my tasks was to donate a painting to the museum. Bunnie actually sold me a real neutral painting, but once I got to the museum, I found I already had one. 

 I put my new sushi menu in my back room - it fits perfectly!

 I headed up to the HHA and saw my lovely friend Jodie, who gave me my first pinwheel!

Another new house in my HHA included some new fortune cookie items, like this awesome bench. I'm almost tempted to try and get one myself :P

Thanks for reading!

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