Saturday, 18 February 2017

Squishy: Perfect Pathways

Today in town Pietro told me that he was moving on the 24th. Oh no your not!

Iggly wanted a new greeting so I made him say "Wobble Waddle".

Iggly also invited me to his house but I read it wrong and took him to my house by accident.

After a slight detour I made it to the -it of 100 trials- his house.

I said his house was awesome and left.

One thing that I've been putting off for a long time is designing a new path and placing it around town. But I got interrupted by Wisp.

Don't takes lamps from strangers kids!

After a few podcasts and some music I got the path finished. Here are some photos of the final product.

I know I can design a better path than this but it will do for the next few months.

Thank you for watching and have a good day.

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