Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Beth: I Don't Want A Squirrel

 The other day, Jeff came over to Acorn in this mask. I still don't know why he wanted to scare me so :P

 Hey Filbert, I'm not going to squash you!

 On Friday, I went over to Forest for Friday Night Forest! T Zelda also came over. 

 Jeff and I hung out together while TZ explored Forest, and we ended up having a little warm-up by the campfire.

Jeff had invited Vivian over, who I love! I also adore her furniture, so I made sure to order the hanging chair as I've wanted it for ages.

 Rolf told me I shouldn't play with bubbles. Well excuse me, I'm going to anyway :P

 While I was on Main Street, I bought some glasses. I like having an accessory so I'm glad I found these!

We all hung out in Jeff's house for a while and explored all of the rooms.

Back at home, I met Pashmina! She has a lovely spot next to the pond.

 Yesterday, I had a present from my mum. Yeah, I wanted an accessory, but not this one :P

 I saw my lovely friend Amy in real life yesterday and headed over to her town! While I was there, she showed me the white festive tree me and Jeff gave her over Christmas :)

I saw the rest of her beautiful house. I love this sweets room!

 I saw Chelsea while I was there - I love her furniture.

 I also saw the rest of her town as we hung out. I wish my town was as pretty as hers!

 Today, Isabelle sent me a chocolate cake for Valentine's Day! I replaced the Cinnamaroll tray in my house with it. I also got a rose from Filbert. No offense, but I'm not interested in squirrels :P

 I went to Retail to customise the hanging chair I got from Forest.

Lastly, I quickly went to Brewster's to celebrate Valentine's with hot chocolate!

So Happy Valentine's Day from me and Brewster :D See you next time.