Saturday, 25 February 2017

Beth: The Snow has Melted!

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 Today is an exciting day in NL - we don't have snow anymore! Sure, I liked the snow...but I was so ready for it to melt by the end :P

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 I felt a litte so-last-season in my hoodie, so I changed into an old cat dress QR code. I'll probably change again soon, but at least I look a bit more ready for spring!

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 Katrina was in town, so I made sure to visit her. I never listen to anything she says, but I would like to have her shop open one day :P

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 Chai invited me over, so I visited her for a while. I like her house too much to buy anything from her.

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 I had a tent in the campsite for the first time this year, and inside I had a cute little rabbit! I think I have space, but I'm not sure whether I'll invite her to live in Acorn or not.

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I'm actually not at home this weekend, so I haven't been able to play much over the past few days. I have gathered a few photos of Acorn in the spring though!

Thanks for reading, see you on Tuesday!

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