Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Beth: Wishing on the Stars

Yesterday, I saw my new exterior. It might have changed a lot, but I actually like it. I'm definitely going to carry on with the cabin theme!

While doing chores an cleaning town, I ran around with my new pinwheel from Jodie.

 Bunnie asked me if she could move away, but I refused immediately! She hasn't been here long and she's one of my favourite villagers, so no way Bunnie :P

 Up at the station, I saw a notice for a meteor shower.

 I looked up, and sure enough there we were! I made sure to wish on a few stars :)

 You know, I'm sure I haven't seen this dialogue before. I wonder if they added some new dialogue with the update?

 I made sure to visit all of my villagers last night, and as I was going to visit Sheldon, Francine pinged me. I went in the house too quickly, but it's likely it wasn't anything important :P

 Inside, Sheldon asked me to deliver a parcel to Chevre. Don't you want to share your package with her yourself?


Chevre gave me a gift for delivering Sheldon's package - but I don't remember this being in the game either?! Am I losing my mind?

 Today, I went to use my final MEOW coupons in the campsite.

I think it's worth it, though!

Thanks for reading - see you Thursday!

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