Monday, 13 February 2017

Squishy's thoughts on Fire Emblem Heroes

Before we get started I will mention my background with the series. I've only played two paths of Fates and a demo of Awakening (which I won't count since it was only 30 minutes long). I'm giving my thoughts as a slight newcomer to the series. Nearly all of Nintendo's apps have mainly consisted of a crazy new idea. However with Fire Emblem Heroes they stuck to the triditional gameplay that the series is known for while also appealing to new players. The game's story (without spoiling too much) is a bit repetitive. You go to a world, break a contract then move on. It's an okay story if you remember that they had to mashup multiple worlds into one without making it confusing, but as someone who cried while playing Birthright the story was a bit bland. The main focus (besides the gameplay) is the ability to summon heroes from different games in the series. They can range from being 3 stars to 5. I gotten lucky with my Heroes but I know that's not the case for everyone. Plus getting Orbs is kind of difficult (especially when you finish the main story). It is really fun getting one of your favourite characters though. One thing that I really enjoyed was the music. I'm obsessed with gaming music and I love this soundtrack. Also the main theme is finally in English (if anyone can find all the lyrics please tell me). The different art styles are also really beautiful. I love how some of the characters look like comic book characters while others look like they were water coloured. Overall I thought that Fire Emblem Heroes was a good game in the series as a mobile game. I would recommend this as a good starting point for anyone who wants to try the series (especially since it's free). Thanks for watching and feel free to add me.

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