Sunday, 5 February 2017

Beth: HHD: Challenge & Chow

I've been played so much NL recently that I've basically forgotten about HHD. But I'm back with another entry after too many months!

 This months challenge had a few interesting items. I like the teacups, but not the monitor.

 I decided to recolour the teacups and go for a Valentine's feel.

 Outside, I went all out! I ended up with a colourful and fun mix.

 Inside, I tried to combine lunar and princess items. I'm not sure if regal sci fi works, but that's what I tried :P

 I visited an interesting house for the challenge.

 I like the way they divided the room in half, I honestly thought they'd somehow got mirrors in the room somehow :P

 Maybe this isn't the best angle, but can you see how clever that is?!

 I played another day to design a normal villagers house. I ended up with Chow as I thought a 'humble home' sounded better than a house based around stew :P

 I didn't know where to base his house, so I put it in the rain to give more of a variety (I always use spring).

 Chow's default house was a shed. I immediately changed that to a nice wooden cabin - I understand from caravaning that metal roofs and rain don't go well together.

Inside wasn't much better - it actually just looked like the inside of a typical metal shed. With a random futon. Surely Chow deserves better than this?

 I tried my best to make the futon look attractive and work around that. I even made a special gingham design for his house!

 What is that face? Please explain.

 In the bathroom, Chow seemed to like the washing machine :P

 I visited Chow's house in the evening too, and it actually looks nice in the low light.

 I made sure to take a few little tumblr style photos while I visited :P

But taking photos in the bathroom with both me and Chow in there was basically impossible - so this is all you get!

Thanks for reading, see you next time with another NL post!

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