Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Beth: Bunnie, For Dinner

I haven't been playing much ACNL over the past few days but I did manage to quickly catch up today.

I wandered around town and caught up with my villagers. Bunnie asked if she could come round, for dinner! You expect me to let you in my house and cook for you?

 Me, for dinner? If you keep talking like that, I'll be making rabbit stew.

 In the campground, I spotted a new RV! I thought it was Pave (because of the feathers), but I didn't recognise it as his.

 Inside, I found Franklin! I guess the feathers kind of make sense - he is a turkey after all :P

 An interesting thing about his mini catalog is the ability to order items that were previously unorderable anywhere apart from special occasions/times. The kitchen island was also in this catalog, which is another example.

 I also noticed this new piece of furniture - a kitchen refrigerator. Although I'm not too interested in it at the moment, it's a cool item.

 Well, at least I'll get hot chocolate :P

I bought a CD in Nooks and immediately put it in my house. I'm usually not bothered about music, but this song is one of my favourites!

Thanks for reading - see you next time!

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