Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Beth: ACNL: Fireworks and Visits

I've been playing a little more ACNL recently and it's been good!

I played on Sunday, and was welcomed to the first of the August fireworks! I love these events.

I was staying over at my lovely friend Amy's over the weekend, and we played with her mum and visited each other's towns. We went to Amy's mums town first, and all got dud prizes from Redd :P

We then travelled to my town of Acorn, and received our boppers from Isabelle!

Amy's town was the last left to visit, and I have to say I love it! It's currently in spring and cherry blossom season, which is beautiful. I also met Sylvana, who is adorable!

I talked to a few other villagers, including the Splatoon themed squirrels.

I then visited Beau, one of my favourite villagers and someone I used to have in my first town!

W. Link might be a new favourite of mine - especially after this book themed dialogue ;)

Amy's town is so pretty and I love this part of town! Especially at sunset.

While I was staying at Amy's, she let me scan her brothers Amiibo for W. Link. Isn't his van beautiful?

I invited W. Link to move into Acorn, and he agreed! I thought I'd have to ask someone else to move out of town, but I must have had 9 villagers.

The next day in Acorn, Chevre asked me if she could move out. I refused, as I want her to stick around :P

I stole another of Amy's Amiibo's and scanned Celeste. I bought her lunar wallpaper and bow, which is so cute!

I went up to the museum to check some fossils, and Wisp has taken Celeste's place. Unfortunately he can't do her job, though :P

Back in town, I visited Katrina. Hopefully she'll want to move to Main Street soon!

So I've had a lovely couple of days seeing Amy, and I miss her so much! Playing ACNL with her was great :) Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks like you all had fun. I still need Celeste since her bow is adorable