Sunday, 13 August 2017

Beth: HHD: Roald's Raceway

I decided to do some interior designing today, so I headed onto HHD and found a chicken, a penguin and a hippo all with ideas. Roald seemed to be inspired by Mario!

Knox, however, just wanted a battle.

And the hippo wanted a construction zone, and he already had the shirt to match.

I decided to park him by the railway, just so at least people can get to his racetrack :P

A lot of items were unlocked with this one, including a Mario Kart!

I used all of the items inside, and eventually had them surrounding me :P

I tried to make Roald's house like an organised garage/pitstop, with a scooter and kart surrounded by tools, a radio, helmets and shelves

Outside, I parked a few cars as I didn't want to spend ages creating an actual raceway :P Why don't they have rugs for this?

Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday!

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