Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Squishy: The elder frog's laugh

I got a letter from the post office stating that I got 1,500 bells in interest. Sweet!

Since it's August, the Nookling store will supply explosives fireworks.

I decided to spend tonight catching bugs and fish so I emptied my pockets and dumped everything in my house.

Every time I go on a bug hunt a villager seems to get a flea. Tonight's victim was Flo.

I got a photo of three frogs at once (there's one in the pond).

When I went fishing on the beach I noticed that the orange roses made a blue one. Nintendo really don't know there colours...

Daisy told me a life hack that Iggly came up with.

I managed to catch a conversation between my froggy friends. Jeremiah was looking up to his elder frog for advice.

I know now why I still act like a child, I'm not laughing hard enough!

I managed to find a scorpion and well... it won...

It was the only one I could find after an hour. I hear the chances of finding one inceases at around 11pm so I might need to try that.

Flurry wanted me to deliver something to Camofrog.

But when I gave it to him, he didn't give me a reward.

I went back to Flurry hoping that she would give me something but no luck.

Flo said that she was moving out on the 8th of this month. Yes!

I can finally get a new villager in this town. I personally wasn't a huge fan of Flo anyway.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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