Friday, 4 August 2017

Beth: ACNL: Stair Dressers for Dinner

I managed to play ACNL pretty early tonight, which meant I managed to get around everything while it was still open!

Another nice thing about playing early was the sunset - it's been a while since I saw one of these in ACNL.

Sylvia asked me for some fruit, even though she was standing behind a fruit tree at the time :P Seeing as we were so close, I agreed to get one for her.

She gave me a future tank as a token of her appreciation! I don't think I've ever seen one of these before, and I don't think I like it :P

I visited Katrina, who told me my key to good fortune in friendship is men's bottoms!

Chevre asked if she could change my nickname from cupcake to dearie. I liked cupcake, but dearie reminds me of what Nan (not my nan, I mean the goat :P) used to call me, so I agreed.

I found a new house plot for Monique the cat. She's okay, but I can't imagine letting her stick around for too long.

Walker asked me to bury a time capsule for him, after explaining in great detail what a time capsule is :P

I managed to have a look around the shops, and I bought a zen door to make my house more...lodge like.

I also went into Nook's, and noticed a firework! Welcome August :)

In Retail, Bunnie thought she would find something good for dinner...and then bought herself a new dresser :P

Thanks for reading! I'll be back in a couple of days with another post :)

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