Thursday, 10 August 2017

Squishy: Stitches and a golden shovel

Yesterday I found Stitches's house plot. Its not often I get villagers moving into the southern part of town.

Filbert invited me over to his house. He was giving me mixed messages about the cleanliness of his home.

A thunder stormed started when I left his house. Bummer.

After buying some fertiliser at Leif's, he gave me the golden shovel. I never have to buy bags of poop ever again

Oooooh, Shiny!

Today I met Stitches the bear cub.

I saw a lost item on the ground. I learnt my lesson about skipping them...

After checking with two frogs and a Daisy, I found out that it belonged to Filbert. He gave me a lava lamp as a reward.

Rosie wanted some new furniture so I gave her... Filbert's lava lamp!

I popped into the Roost to listen to the music (yeah I'm weird). Portia and Brewster had a conversation about adding to the menu.

Wait so if Brewster can only make coffee (and hot chocolate) how does he coo-k his own meals?

I decided to put my golden shovel to use and attempt to grow a money tree.

I even fertilised it just in case.

Thanks for reading and don't forget that I'm opening my gate on Sunday at 9pm (UK time)

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