Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Beth: Let It Snow!

 The other day, I went on to see the first snow on the ground! I'm loving it at the moment, but I'll probably be fed up by February :P

 I also saw Chai in town for the first time! She's adorable, and I can't wait to see what her house is like.

Outside retail, Filbert asked me for an ocean fish. I wouldn't have normally agreed, but I gave him one straight away as I had one left over from the fishing tourney.

 I soon found the first snowballs and made a Snowboy the first time, even though I wasn't trying to.

 I worked on a Christmas sweater for the winter season.

 You can scan it here.

 I also changed it to blue in case anyone would like it in different colours!

 You can also scan this design here.

 Although not really planning it, my hat actually matches my sweater! I'm probably going to keep it on for now.

 Nat was camping on Sunday, so he was in town for two days running! 

 At Club LOL, I learned the daydreaming emotion. I do a lot of that in real life, so it's fitting ;)

 I bought a holiday candle for my house, so it's getting even more festive!

 Last night, Sally asked me to get some signatures for her.

 In Retail, I sold the devil snowman head my perfect snowboy sent me

 I headed over to Forest to get signatures for Sally. Both Jeff and I looked Christmassy! I collected signatures and headed home to give them back to Sally. She gave me a kitchen corner for my efforts!

Today, I had my first igloo in town! This is definitely one of my favourite parts of the winter season.

 Anchovy was inside, so I wasn't interested even though it was nice to see the cozy interior.

Thanks for reading, hope you're enjoying the first snow!

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