Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Squishy: The Legend of Darkness

Yesterday a notice popped up about Toy Day! Yippee!

There was also one for the Winter Solstice.

Avery pinged me and asked me what was better, spaghetti or mac and cheese. I chose spaghetti.

Looks like Flurry had some.

I decided to scan my Zelda amiibo and invite Wolf Link over.

For a while I've been considering whether to invite amiibo villagers to Cosmic or not. Since he is my only one I decided to make him a resident. I will only be doing this for the amiibo exclusive villagers.

I also decided to finally start making a new path design. I made a new character to hold them. I'm making her based of Nurse Joy from the Pokémon series.

I closed my 3DS and forgot to quit my game when I opened it up again I got my fist look at the northern lights. Pretty!

Today was the winter solstice. The shartest day of the year. Animal Crossing takes it to the extreme and makes it dark all day.

Isabelle was handing out blue glow wands. Personally I prefer a glow wand over an ugly pair of sunglasses.

There was also a face cutout board. Forever alone...

I found W Link's house plot. I can't really connect the path to his house but I suppose he is a lone wolf.

Flurry was making the darkness more positive. This is why she's one of my favourites.

I also ordered Zeld'a outfit from W Link's RV. I would make a very ugly princess.

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