Saturday, 10 December 2016

Beth: Friday Night Forest & Saturday Afternoon Fishing

 Sorry I haven't been around the past few days! I completely forgot to post on Thursday for no reason, but I'm back now.

 The other day, I spotted Harvey for the first time in his rain outfit! It's so adorable.

 It's finally been 7 days since I expanded the museum, and Blathers suggested I set up the cafe! I've known where I wanted it since I started Acorn, so I'm really excited to finally have it in town.

 I chose the top right corner near the cliff and tracks. My plan is to surround it by pine trees, which I think fits the cafe decor!

 I also met Julian for the first time! I love his house - especially the wallpaper.

 Later on, Julian asked me to find him some furniture. I'm thinking of giving his house a robo/space theme if I can, so I gave him a satillite I found in Re-Tail. He loved it so much, he asked me to move in!

 On Thursday evening, I asked Chai to move in from a Sanrio Amiibo card. As my town was full, she asked me to kick someone out. I chose Lily!

 The good thing about moving from Amiibo is being able to choose who goes - and them being immediately in boxes!

 Jeff has wanted Lily for a while, so I'm glad I've finally been able to give her to him :)

 While Jeff was in Acorn, we headed up to see Chai's RV. I didn't order these shoes but I really like them! So adorable.

 Yesterday, I saw Chai's plot. And I can't believe it, but she's chosen the exact space Lily moved out from! This could be an Amiibo thing, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

 I also received the Cinnamaroll sofa & flooring, which I immediately put in my house.

 I saw a weather warning for snow, which I thought settled on the ground a day after this notice.

 In the campsite, I saw Jack's RV for the first time!

 In the evening, Filbert asked to come over. I set a reminder on my phone and just left my DS open for him to come. But even though I'd made so much effort, he left in under 2 minutes!

 Rizzo suggested a yield sign PWP. Even though I probably won't build it, it's nice to have a suggestion after so long.

Late last night, I headed to Jeff's town for Friday Night Forest. Squishy looked amazing, but I didn't dress up at all :P While in Forest, we saw Lily's house plot. She must have some frog-dar, or something, because Camofrog lives right behind her!

I got some coffee after a while, which I shared with Jeff.

After shopping and bug catching on the island, we hung out in Jeff's house for a while. At around 4:15am my time, Jeff ended the session. Thanks for a fun night, guys!

 I woke up late today, but at least I still had time to take part in the Fishing Tourney. Surprisingly, it's the first one in Acorn I've managed to participate in.

 Jeff gave me a Cinnamaroll tray and sign last night (thanks Jeff!), so I put the tray in my house.

 Downstairs, I placed a bonsai Jeff bought for me next to my mush dresser. I think it fits this room.

 Unfortunately, I found out today that Bonbon has decided to leave Acorn :( I quite liked her, and I wasn't ready for her to go quite yet. But oh well, maybe someone even better will move in!

 I headed up to Main Street and bought some Santa boots and a coat. I probably won't keep the coat on permanently but it's okay for now.
 I also spotted a red nose, which seems unintentionally festive!

 I've managed to collect a few special items this tourney, and hopefully at least a trophy.

While fishing, I saw my new yellow themed beach! I spent around an hour decorating and organizing it late last night before FNF.

Thanks for reading and good luck if you're participating in the tourney today!

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