Saturday, 3 December 2016

Squishy: December has arrived!

On Wednesday at the Campground I was messing around with my shovel. Apparently the log benches don't count as solid objects.

Marshal told me that he was going to hide somewhere secret. Its not much of a secret if Flurry is listening right behind you.

He just wanted to play hide and seek. I agreed.

Groucho and Jeremiah joined us. However even though Flurry heard everything she wasn't invited to play. Poor thing.

Marshal was hiding behind a tree near town hall.

While looking for everyone else Bunnie was sitting on one of the stumps that I forgot to remove. She looked like a tree.

Groucho was hiding behind Avery's house.

And Jeremiah was hiding behind his own house. You need to do better than that froggy!

 Later that day I invited Knuckle, one of my friends over to Cosmic to get some cherries.

He gave me some perfect fruit in return. Thanks Knuckle!

He offered to invite me to his town Zetropia so I went over. His town is in development so I helped him chop down some trees.

I visited his campsite. Harvey looks really angry in this photo.

He has Stitches as one of his villagers. Jealous!

We started talking about a livestream that we attend every Wednesday and he told me that coffee is a good way to stay awake. I don't drink coffee but I have an alternative.

After that I left. Thank you Knuckle for having me.

"So long, farewell, its time to say goodbye"

On Thursday Genji the rabbit was in my campsite. I didn't invite him to Cosmic.

I also finally got a new campground visitor. Jack!

Since its December party poppers, glow wands and jingle furniture are being sold at the Nookling store.

Meanwhile at the Able Sisters Santa's outfit is being sold. Don't worry about getting it since its all available on Toy Day anyway.

Lets not forget about the boots at Kicks.

I decided to buy the castle exterior.

I also started making my right room my jingle room.

Yesterday my castle was completed.

I got some wallpaper and a Puzzle cushion from Nintendo while getting a silver trophy from the HHA.

Today is the day the Groucho leaves. Goodbye! I'll miss you.

I went to get my new cushion remade to have grapes on them.

I invited Marshal over to my house and he said that he has some skills. He seems like the person who would play Puzzle League.

If I try to play with someone in the house a message pops up. That wouldn't stop me in real life.

When you try rubbing Wisp free he gets all shy. Even the animalease sound effect is quieter to sound like a whisper. Cute!

Wait! How do you know about my storage system?

Nope but I wasted hours of my life.
Iggly wanted a new catchplrase. I wanted him to say "Let it snow" but it wouldn't fit so I ended up using this.

Can't hold it back anymore

Marshal told me about a dream visitor called... wait who?

It was in Japanese so I had no clue. Thank you for visiting regardless.

Today in town Flurry wanted to come over so I lead te way. Run hamster! RUN!!!

On the way I got the gem rock. I never seen so many of the same gem come out before.

Flurry seemed to like my house.

For some weird reason the bushes behind the museam were a very light green. That's very odd.


I also got a new badge from Phineas

Iggly offered me 300 bells for a festive tree that I had. That's way too little so I said no. I really regret my decision now.

Wow I feel mean!

Thank you everyone for reading and have a good weekend.

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