Saturday, 17 December 2016

Squishy: My Gracie challenge

On Tuesday Gracie came to town and she wanted something iconic.

For an added challenge I am going to try passing her fashion checks without going to other people's towns for outfits. Sadly that meant that I failed this one.

Jeremiah wanted to hop out on the 23rd. I do plan on letting him go eventually but not today.

Marshal fell in a pitfall that was in my orchard. Poor squirrel.

I decided to build a snowmam but she required 5 snowflakes instead of three so I left her to melt.

On Wednesday I scanned Reese!

My Jingle room looks really cosy now.

Reese wears a jumper similar to Cyrus

Another similarity between them is that they both only talk about each other and food.

One thing that I noticed was that TIY stayed open until 11pm. Maybe I don't want the last upgrade.

 At the campground I noticed that when Harvey is playing his tambourine he plays it differently when you dance at the fire pit.

On Friday I noticed that some of the ceder trees had Christmas lights. Cool.

I finally caught a mole cricket! This is a big deal because I'm rubbish at catching them. Now I never have to catch them again.

Jeremiah and Flurry both wanted a greeting. I couldn't think of anything good but for Flurry I gave her a line from Xenoblade Chronicles.


I noticed that Flurry was wearing one of my Christmas jumpers. Cute!!!

Today I scanned in my final figure (besides Zelda).

To be honest I think Isabelle suits glasses better.

Like the others she was replaced by Wisp for the day.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.

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