Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Beth: Santa Comes to Town

 The other day, Santa Jeff came over to Acorn!

 He came to my house to see the interior I've been creating recently! He fit in with the Christmas tree :P

In the gardening store, I finally bought my 50th sapling! It's taken a while (longer than I expected), but I'm glad to finally have a never-breaking axe!

 Over the past few days, I've been playing more Desert Island Escape...but it's actually really hard to get the 37000 goal!

I scanned Rilla in for the first time the other day to buy her table. I don't like a lot of her furniture as much as the others (Chai's, for example), but it's still pretty cute.

 Jodie visited me (in real life) yesterday afternoon, and she came over to my town so I could give her a few Hello Kitty items.

 Later in the day, Phineas gave me a surprising badge.

 While wandering around town, Chai gave me another hint at what she would like for Toy Day!

I noticed Filbert lounging on a stump. I love having Squirrels in Acorn, it seems to fit a lot.

 Katrina visited Acorn, and told me I should wear a plaid cami dress.

Last night, I saw Jeff again in Forest. Look - I'm Santa's little helper!

 Jeff had Leopold scanned in, so we headed up to visit him.

He had one of my favourite items in his RV - BOOKS!

 He then came over to see the villager I scanned in - Huck.

 Today, my friend gave me my first Amiibo figure! I love Rover, and his RV is very well thought out.

 I noticed he has the 3DS and Wii U for sale. This must be the same with every Amiibo figure!

 I briefly walked around Acorn today and talked to Julian. He sang me Forest's town tune!

 Chevre suggested a new PWP - an outdoor chair. I'm not sure whether I'll build it or not, but it's nice to have a suggestion.

I saw a notice about the Winter Solstice which is tomorrow in the game - I hope I'll have time to play at least a little!

Thanks for reading, have a good Winter Solstice!

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