Sunday, 11 December 2016

Squishy: NFC at last!

On Thursday the Able Sisters had a festive dress.

I put it on with a red feather, white stockings and some red boat shoes. Now I'm ready for Squishmas!

I wanted to see how much the magic lamp sells for. Reese says its expensive but it only sells for 100 bells.

Flurry requested the flower arch as a PWP. I really love this one so I set it up in town.

I accidently pressed the power button instead of Start (people who owned the original DS will understand). So on Friday I was faced with Resetti.

There was a notice on the board about snow. It should appear on Saturday but the fishing Tourney delayed it by a day.

I headed to Jeff's town for Friday Night Forest. Beth was also there.

I didn't realise how big his tree was until it was naked.

I was walking around and made it just in time to see the geyser explode.

We went into Camofrog's really blue house.

During Kapp'n's song I heard a fart noise...

I was going to take a photo of the lighthouse but this couldn't have been better timed.

We hung out at Jeff's house for a while. He has quite the collection of new items.

 After a while Jeff ended the last session of 2016. Thank you for having us!

Before I went to sleep I took a photo of thr 4am sky. Pretty!

Yesterday was the Fishing Tourney!

But before I joined the Festivities I finally got to scan an amiibo. I got myself an NFC reader and summoned Digby.

I even got 5 MEOW Coupons for my trouble!

I bought his raincoat, a Wii U (the white one) and a 3DS to customise.

I've been doing really well with the badges lately.

Since Digby was in the campground Wisp took his place. For a shy ghost/genie/thing he chose to be in the most crowded area.

I paid off my mortgage alongside my flower arch.

Good thing to because my Jingle room is getting a little cramped.

I finally started taking part in the Fishing Tourney. Luckily its any fish.

I kept beating my record so I got a squid chair and a football fish lamp.

Today in town was the first snowy day. The campground's fire pit is lit 24/7 now.

I found a snowball and started building a snowman.

While rolling I saw my flower arch. Nice!

I started by building the snowman. He gave me a bingo card and my number today was 26.

I'll be posting on Twitter my bingo numbers in case someone needs them.

Flurry told me she was moving on the 20th of this month. Oh no your not!

I forgot to attend the Fishing Tourney results yesterday but at least I won and got my trophy in the mail.

I reorganised my Jingle room. It looks so cosy.

Here is the raincoat and the fishing trophy!

For some weird reason I thought I saw Zipper T Bunny in the distance. It was only Mira.

Marshal got a bit personal for a second. There is nothing wrong with being either of them.

People have been giving me Toy Day hints. For once I've been writing them down and keeping track.

Iggly likes to sweat apparently...

Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next time.

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