Sunday, 18 December 2016

Beth: Development!

 The other day, I noticed T&T was being remodeled! I can finally buy bushes in my own town :D

 While I was on Main Street, I headed into the Able Sisters and bought a Santa jacket for Jeff.

 I noticed some cedar trees now have little lights on them! They're so pretty, I'm happy to have them decorated for Christmas.

 Up at Club LOL, I learned the thought emotion.

 I finally completed the donations for the cafe, just in time for Christmas!

 I also finally visited Chai's house. I love the mix of sweets furniture - it really suits her theme.

 Over in Forest, I saw Jeff's white tree! We haven't got them in Europe yet, but I'm glad North America did.

 Up at Main Street, I noticed how Christmassy T&T looks!

 While visiting Jeff, I changed my hair. Not really for any other reason than wanting a change :P

 I also spotted Lily and had a chat. I think she's enjoying life in her new home!

 The next day (Friday), Chai invited me over to her house. As she meant right that minute, I accepted her offer. But when she asked if I wante to buy anything, I didn't want to ruin her adorable collection of furniture!

Yesterday, I saw the cafe for the first time! I can just imagine how this is going to look with cedar trees and clovers around it.

Jeff ordered me a kiddie bookcase, which I remade into pastel. I'd like all of my main room to be pastel if I can.
I finally found a festive tree in my new store! I'm not bothered about having a big one, so this will do.

Leif introduced me to the new gardening store, which now includes 2 bush saplings a day! Hopefully Acorn's development will come on much quicker now.
In the evening, I attended the opening ceremony for the cafe.

After the ceremony, Cobb asked to move out! If I could choose anyone to move, it would be him - so I'm happy.

Inside the cafe, I had my very first coffee.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back next time

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