Thursday, 15 December 2016

Beth: Snowflakes and Seeking

While cleaning town the other day, Chai asked me to play hide and seek! I agreed.

 I made sure to check the beach for hiders, and I saw my fully grown trees for the first time!

Surprisingly, Chai was on the beach. Julian was on the other beach, and Cobb was behind the town hall.
 In town, I spoke to Sally. Then, seconds later, Francine and Sally both seemed angry? Surely there wasn't enough time for them to have a conversation to make them that angry?

 I finally managed to make a perfect Snowmam! I only need to give her 3 snowflakes for ice furniture.

 In Ables, I saw a flannel shirt. It matches my outfit, so I bought it to wear for a while. I'll probably change back to the festive sweater for Christmas though!

 Jeff's been buying a few things for me (thank youu!), so I keep adding and redecorating my house. It's looking really pretty at the moment - thanks Jeff :)

 I got another emotion yesterday, the inspiration emotion. I wish I had some more inspiration for my blog posts! :P

Thanks for reading! I've had a busy few days, but I'll hopefully have more time to play over the weekend.

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