Monday, 12 December 2016

Squishy: Woolly Winter jumpers

There was a lot of snow in Cosmic this evening. It looked really cool.

I scanned Cyrus the Alpaca. Welcome to the campground.

Harvey! Its dangerous to sleep in the snow. Wake up!

Please do not sleep in the snow!

Cyrus looked really cosy. I'm guessing Reese made the jumper. Lets hope its not made of their own kind.

Speaking of Reese that's all he talks about. Maybe this break will do you good.

My bingo number today was 38.Which I had!

I see that Wisp is trying to improve his slang. Leave it to the professional.

I just realise that I can make my bingo card show up on the top screen simply by going into my pocket and checking it.

And at Nook Homes there wasn't much variety...

One thing that I want to talk about is amiibo. For the next two days I will be scanning my remaining Animal Crossing figures. When it comes to the villagers I will not be using them to get all of my dream villagers (I only have 5 villager cards and a Zelda amiibo anyway). I will however kick out a villager if anyone wants them (unless its one of my favourites) or allow people to come over and get some items. Twitter is the best way to reach me so click here to follow me.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.

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