Sunday, 25 December 2016

Squishy: Toy Day!

On Thursday Wolf Link moved into Cosmic. Welcome to the village!

Marshal said that it would be fun to be Jingle but he thinks that he wouldn't suit the clothes. White goes with anything.

Gracie was here again. At this point I would be very stupid to fail this again but I am not backing down on my goal.

I finally found some glasses that goes well with my outfit. Now I'm all ready for Christmas.

Today in town I got a very fitting initiative.

Today is also Toy Day! Hurray!

Despite the happy holiday Iggly strted complaining about the weather.

Since its Toy Day all of the Santa suit will be available in Able Sisters and Kicks.

I finally got around to changing my path to be more festive.

I stopped playing for a while but I went back on for Toy Day!

Near my southern fountain I found Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer!

 He wanted me to take the role of Santa. I even got his sack!

I went around and gave everything that the villagers wanted.


I unequipped the bag to see what was left inside so when I went to Marshal's house he was a bit worried. Oops!

So I had to go outside, equip the bag then go in and give him his gift. It didn't seem worth it though.

This is where the deliveries get a bit annoying. I didn't have a clue for Pietro and Jeremiah. There were three umbrellas in the sack and Avery wanted one so I had to choose a random one. Luckily I got it right!

 I tried giving the red umbrella to Pietro. Sadly it was wrong.

I also completely forgot about Wolf Link which explained the extra gift. I got that wrong too.

His tongue looks so weird.

Along with Jeremiah's gift.

I returned to Jingle and even got my own gift. It was the festive wreath!

 Thank you everyone for reading and have a merry Christmas or a good day if you don't celebrate.

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