Thursday, 29 December 2016

Beth: Coffee Time!

 Over the past few days I've been buying coffee to enable me to finally start working at the cafe.

 Early this week, I got one away from a bingo in three ways. Yes, three ways!

 I collected a few more emotions, including the mischief one.

 Chevre gave me a new nickname - which now everyone is trying to call me!

 Jeff came over, who's nickname in Forest is sandwich :P So we're both edible, apparently.

Talking of edible items, we both found out that trees are not one of them.

Francine told me my skin is amazing...which maybe it is, in game. Maybe not so much in real life :P

 For running an errand for Chevre, she gave me a mobile. It fits in my house, so I'm not complaining!

 I've been trying to make another Snowmam, but with no luck. All I've had is a Snowboy being mean to me!

 I played hide and seek with a couple of my villagers, who I found pretty easily. They were all in one part of town around the plaza.

 Filbert told me we should have a police station in Acorn. I'm not sure whether I'll bother with it, but it's nice to have another PWP.

 I noticed a sign to let us know New Year is coming up. I'm looking forward to it, at least I have a party to attend in ACNL ;)

 Sally left town yesterday, and she appears to actually be me :P

Brewster told me I could order coffee to take away which should make my photos look infinitely like they belong on Tumblr ;)

 Chevre asked me to deliver a shirt to Shari, who gave me a, special thank you. But it was only when I got back to Chevre that I realised the item I was delivering was a shirt. So yep, Shari had apparently left a shirt at Chevre's house!

 Afterwards, I chatted to Julian. He told me even more gossip about Chevre! Is he...jealous?

 In Nook's, I saw T&T have started selling party poppers for New Year's.

Today, I finally got the bingo I've been searching for! I don't think I'll be making another bingo snowman this year :P

 Today, I saw Sally's empty house plot. Hopefully I'll be able to put a PWP there before someone else moves there!

At the campground, I bought a worktable for my DS & Wii U.

I bought my first take away coffee today, and fell in a hole while trying to take those Tumblr-suited photos! :P

 Gossip seems to be coming from Julian and about Julian, as Chai proved today.

I changed my outfit today to begin to move away from the festivities.

I also dressed up to go diving :P

I invited Chelsea to my campground today, so my friend Kayla could buy her RV furniture.

 While she was visiting, I bought the boots and chair from her My Melody range!

This evening, I visited my friend Jodie as she had rare internet. We mainly just chatted before she waved me off so I could write this post ;)

Thanks for reading!

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